Emergency call for people living alone and the elderly based on the principle:3 rings = everything is fine. You do not have to buy an emergency button, watch, medallion or any other device and carry it with you permanently. We register your daily call and take care of you if you do not call.

Frequently asked

Frequently askedquestions

We are committed to answering your questions competently.

If we do not receive your call by the expected time, we will first try to reach you by phone. If you have a second telephone number, we will try to reach you on this number as well. Only if you do not pick up the phone and confirm that you are well will we begin to contact your relatives.
You do not have to cancel the service. You will receive an invoice from us every year before the paid service period expires. If you do not pay this (and also not after the deadline stated in an additional request by email), the service is automatically cancelled and the case is closed for you.
All you need is a telephone or a mobile phone. The age of the device is irrelevant - even for mobile phones. Your telephone number must be visible to the recipient and must not be hidden (this is the default setting for all telephone subscriptions).
In order for you not to have to enter any information during your daily call, it is necessary that your telephone number is stored in your user information and can therefore be automatically identified by our computer system. You can store a maximum of two telephone numbers (e.g. house connection and mobile phone).
The Service may be stopped and resumed at any time on the website or by telephone. For example, during your daily call, you can also chose to stop the service. When you next call, you will automatically be asked whether you want to reactivate the service.
During your call you can simultaneously find out about daily news. You can choose from: the weather forecast in your place; daily news; quote of the day; famous personalities’ birthdays. The availability of the offers depends on the language.
You can store an unlimited number of emergency contacts. For each emergency contact you can indicate the relationship (family members, neighbours, ...) of the emergency contact.
There is a special category "contacts with 90 minute delay": These contacts will only be called after 90 minutes. Use this category to contact public institutions, your general practitioner, etc. in the event of an extreme emergency, if all your close contacts are not available.
Your emergency contacts are called in the order in which they are entered at intervals of approx. two minutes for at least two hours. If there are only a few emergency contacts stored, the system waits at least 15 minutes between two calls to the same emergency contact.
Yes, you can call your affirmaCall.com phone number at any time. You have the option of triggering an immediate emergency alarm by pressing a single button. This means that all your contacts are automatically called according to the order in which they are entered and informed of your emergency. Delayed contacts are called with a time delay. If you have accidentally triggered the immediate emergency alarm, you can cancel the alerting of your emergency contacts with another call.