Emergency call for people living alone and the elderly based on the principle:3 rings = everything is fine. You do not have to buy an emergency button, watch, medallion or any other device and carry it with you permanently. We register your daily call and take care of you if you do not call.

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Welcome to affirmaCall

Register yourself with affirmaCall. The first 10 days are free. If you do not pay our invoice by the end of the test phase, the matter is settled.

The next step after registering

Confirm your email address

After registering, you will receive an email. Open your email program and confirm the activation link. If you cannot find the email, please also check your spam folder or wait another few minutes.

Store contact details and call times

After activating the activation link, you can log on to affirmaCall with your user information and store the contact addresses of your relatives and helpers. You can also specify until what time you want to call affirmaCall. You can change all details at any time.

Call daily

As soon as you have entered the contact addresses and the times of your calls, you can call us. The telephone number for your daily calls is included in the activation link and in the invoice.